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Zee Cinema At Asiasat-7 New Biss Key 2021

Zee Cinema New Biss Key At Asiasat-7. It’s transmittal through Asiasat 7 Zee Cinema Asiasat-7@105 5 degrees east. The frequency of Z Cinema is 4140, Polarity V, image Rate 27500 & SID 000D. Enter all details fastidiously to unlock Z Cinema.

Zee Cinema Asiasat-7@105 New Biss Key

Biss Key : 50 CC 11 D1 63 06 AA FC

Channel Name : Zee Tv Cinema

Satellite : Asiasat-7@105

Zee Tv Cinema Transponder : 4140 V 27500

Zee Tv Cinema Frequency :4140

Pol : V

Zee Tv Cinema Symbolrate : 27500

Mode : MPEG2

Sid : 000D

Zee Cinema New Biss Key 2018

Asiasat-7 (105.5E)

Zee Cinma


Frequency: 4140 V 27500


KEY: 50CC 11D1 6306 AAFC


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