YouTube, Gmail and Google Down in Pakistan

It appears Google is having some major issues with Gmail, YouTube and a host of its other associated services. Suddenly, YouTube, Gmail and Google got Down in Pakistan. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard makes for dour reading for anyone who relies on these services.

YouTube, Gmail and Google Down in Pakistan

According to Downdetector, services affected include Google, Youtube, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and Gmail. Google’s business tools are also affected, with users struggling to access Drive, Doc, Sheets etc. Here are some screenshots that we managed to take when the services were not available.

Reason of Google Service Outage:

When the services were outage, people were all curious about the reason behind this issue. Google later revealed that the problem hit its authentication system, which is used for logging in and similar functions. Moreover, it kept the server down for 45 minutes. Here is the tweet from Google Cloud revealing about the issue.


Current Situation:

Google has restored all the services which were down in 45 minutes. Now, all the services including YouTube, Gmail and Cloud etc are working fine.

As soon as we got the issue, we update our readers about the unavailability of the services. You can check it here.


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