Wwe New Biss Key 2021

Wwe Nxt On AsiaSat-5 @100.5E New Biss Key 2021

NXT was formed in 2010 when they paired up wrestlers from WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (dubbed “Rookies”) with wrestlers from WWE’s existing Raw and SmackDown brands (dubbed “Pros”). Each episode featured the rookies being mentored by the pros as they develop their gimmick and performance skills in front of a live audience. The pairings also enabled the show to crossover into WWE’s Raw and SmackDown programs As the length of each season differed, features of the competition occur at different times accordingly. In addition to matches, weekly challenges were held during the competition to further test the Rookies’ physical and mental skills.

Asiasat 5 (100.5°E)
TP: 3915 V 7120
SID:001 ►
Biss: 12 3C AA F8 14 22 A3 D9

Wwe Nxt
AsiaSat-5 @100.5E
Freq: 3914 V 7120
SID: 0001
Biss Key : 12 3C AA F8 14 22 A3 D9

Wwe Nxt Raw
EutelSat 7A – 7.0°E
TP 12735 V 7120
Biss Key : 12 3C AA F8 14 22 A3 D9

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