Watan TV HD Frequency on Yahsat 1 at 52.5º E 2021

Watan TV HD Frequency on Yahsat at 52.5º E 2022

Watan Group (translates as Nation Group) is a company based in Afghanistan that provides telecommunications, logistics and security services. It is owned by the Popal brothers who are believed to be cousins of Afghan President, Hamid Karzai. They are from the powerful Popalzai sub-tribe, the same group that the Founding Father of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Durrani, and all of Afghanistan’s former leaders belonged to. The Popalzais are traditionally the influential and elite group of Afghanistan, and are also a powerful group in neighboring Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan. In addition, many Popalzai members are in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). on yahsat 1 at 52.5°E 2019, keywords; watan hd frequency on yahsat, yahsat frequency watan tv hd, watan tv hd channels fta fequency on yahsat 1 at 52.5°E 2019, yahsat 1 watan tv frequency transponders.

The state owned Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) launched the first TV channel in Afghanistan, after the completion of feasibility study under grant aid from Japan, construction work of the studio and transmitter buildings were finished by August 1978. During the 1980s, many Soviet programs were airing such as the children’s show Nu Pogodi!. The studios of RTA were also often used by musicians to record music videos.

Watan TV HD Frequencies On Al Yah 1 at 52.5°East 2021;

Watan TV Frequencies On Yahsat 1 2021
Satellite Al Yah 1 at 52.5°East
Channel Name Watan HD TV
Frequency 10845
Polarity V (Horizontal)
Symbol Rate 27500
Service FTA
System DVS2 MPEG4-HD


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