Maasranga TV Biss Key and Frequency Apstar 7 2021

Maasranga TV started telecasting on 30 July 2011. It is owned by Squares Group. Maasranga TV is Fully High Definition (HD).

They own a complete newsroom system, production, master control switchers and infrastructure equipment like a roll out of an HDTV station in Bangladesh.

Maasranga TV is broadcasted around the globe.

It is basically a news channel but favorite among the viewers because it streams some sports events too such as UEFA, BPL etc.

Maasranga TV Frequency

Maasranga TV is broadcasted on Apstar 76.5E for dish viewers. The table below has all the values you need to tune Maasranga TV. Just move your dish towards apstar and input these values into your receiver.

Channel Maasranga TV
Language Bengali
Transponder 4070 H 4000
Frequency 4070
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 4000
Encryption ABV
Standard/Format DVB-S2
MPEG-4 HD 1080
FEC 3/4
SID _________________

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