Img Asia 2 New Biss Key 2021

AsiaSat 2 was built by Astro Space, which by the time of its launch had become part of Lockheed Martin. It is based on the AS-7000 satellite bus. At launch, it had a mass of 3,379 kilograms (7,449 lb),[4] and a design life of thirteen years. It carries twenty four G/H band and nine J band transponders (NATO frequency designation system, US IEEE C and Ku bands respectively).

The launch of AsiaSat 2 was contracted to the China Great Wall Industry Corporation, and used a Long March 2E rocket with an FG-46 upper stage.It was the maiden flight of the FG-46, and the first Chinese launch since the Apstar II failure, which killed a number of villagers in January 1995.[6] The launch was conducted from Launch Area 2 at the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre at 11:30:05 GMT on 28 November 1995.The launch had previously been delayed twice; first from December 1994 due to the failure of Telstar 402, which was based on the same satellite bus as AsiaSat 2, and subsequently whilst the Apstar 2 launch failure was investigated.

Img Asia 2 New Biss Key 2021

Since the Long March 2E rocket had experienced two failures in five launches, AsiaSat 2 had to pay a 27% premium for satellite insurance instead of the usual 17–20%. Although the satellite was delivered to the correct orbit, the launch was a partial failure. Excessive acceleration during the launch caused a misalignment of the antenna feed horns on the Ku band transponders, reducing the satellite’s coverage area.[8] AsiaSat filed an insurance claim for $58 million.[9]

Img Asia 2
Freq-3895 V 7200
Biss Key : FC AA B9 5F C5 B8 14 91

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