How To Shave The Right Way | Without Razor Bumps

As women, we enjoy flaunting short sleeves, flirty skirts, bikinis and much more. But donning these clothes comes with the price of getting rid of or unwanted body hair. There’s a good chance that you’ve been practicing shaving for years now but have you ever wondered what is truly the right way to shave? I’m going to tell you how to get a smooth, clean shave every single time. Before you take on the task of shaving, dampen your your skin under a warm shower.

The steam from the warm water helps soften skin and hair and which is why it is easier to shave them as well as open up clogged pores. The next step is exfoliating your skin with a mild scrub. Exfoliating will get rid of all the dead skin build up and unclog your hair follicles, creating a clean and even canvas for a smooth shave.

Scrubbing your skin will also eliminate the possibility of ingrown hair. You can opt for a gentle scrub of your choice or even exfoliate with a loofah which is just as effective. You’ll need a good quality shaving gel, oil or foam to begin with.

Conditioning your skin before you shave is crucial as can be harsh on the skin and can easily cause nicks or cuts. Using a shaving gel prevents moisture loss and enables the razor to glide over your skin saving you from itchy bumps and ugly rashes. If you don’t have shaving gel, a nifty tip is to use conditioner or a rich lotion as a substitute.

When choosing a razor, you can opt for a disposable or a reusable one which can last you for about 5 shaves. Make sure to use a sharp and clean multi blade razor as it removes all the hair hair in the first few strokes itself. But remember to ditch the blade when it starts to feel dull or starts pulling on your skin to avoid any skin irritation or cuts.

Most women simply hop into the shower and get groovy with a razor but to get a smooth and clean shave you need to move in the right direction. For your legs and arms, it’s safer to go against the direction of hair growth to get a closer and cleaner shave.

Start from the ankles or wrists and work your way upwards. Bonier areas such as knees, ankles or elbows can be a little tricky. The easy way to shave these difficult spots is to bend them, pull the skin taut and glide your razor over them. For the underarms, shave upwards and then downwards.

But if you have sensitive underarm skin, it’s better to go along the direction of the hair to avoid to avoid skin irritation or red bumps. Now, rinse the area with warm water again to get rid of any excess product and hair and then switch to cold water to close open pores and protect your skin from infection.

Give your skin a 30 minute breather before you apply moisturiser, to avoid inflammation. Opt for creams which are alcohol free and and don’t have synthetic fragrances to avoid irritation and redness.

Another amazing aftershave remedy is aloe vera as its loaded with nutrients and vitamins which help soothe and heal the area and is also cooling cooling for sensitive skin. Diluted tea tree oil or rose water can also be used to soothe the skin. After a fresh shave, avoid wearing tight clothes that don’t allow your skin to breathe.

Loose fabrics like cotton or linen allow airflow and and don’t chafe the skin. After every session, rinse and air dry your razor before storing it in a clean and dry place.

Moist environment can rust the blade, increasing the risk of infection and making the blade blunt. Now that you’re well-versed with the right method of shaving, you can keep your skin in top shape for just about any occasion. Until next time,

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