How to reduce creatinine level naturally – Dietary modifications

How to reduce creatinine level naturally? Creatinine is a chemical waste that indicateskidney function. It is chemically produced by the normal musclecontractions. It is filtered by kidneys under normal circumstancesand is extracted from the body through the help of urination.

Creatinine is a very harmful product of ourbody and that is why its elimination from the body is necessary. An increased creatinine level in the bodyis also a symptom of a kidney dysfunction. This abnormality may be caused by severalreasons.

There are basically three ways to naturallybring down the creatinine levels in the body which are dietary modifications, lifestylechanges, and use of certain herbs. Check your protein intake:Excessive consumption of protein can be very hard on the kidneys. In fact, people with kidney disease are instructedto follow a low-protein diet for this exact reason.

Creatinine is formed through a series of metabolicreactions that occur as protein is broken down into amino acids, and from the breakdownof the muscle component creatine, which is also found in meat. It is believed that limiting High proteinfoods include beans, fish, milk, egg, lean meats, and red meats. Mindful liquid intake:If you are dehydrated, creatinine levels may be higher because your blood is more concentrated.

Fluid intake can also be an issue for somepeople who have kidney disease. Talk to your doctor about how much water andother fluids you should drink daily and when are best to drink them. Limit Vanadium Consumption:Vanadium is a mineral found in many multi-mineral and vitamin supplements, and it’s mostlyrecommended for diabetes and blood sugar issues, however, excessive Vanadium has been linkedto increased blood creatinine levels (stay under 100mcg a day).

Increasing dietary fiber:Most people know that eating fiber helps balance the digestive system, but fiber may also bebeneficial for people reducing their creatinine levels. A systematic review in the Journal of ClinicalNutrition noted that dietary fiber helped people with chronic kidney disease lower theircreatinine levels.

The researchers hypothesized that the mechanismbehind this may be fiber’s ability to aid in the breakdown of creatinine before it reachesthe kidneys. This initial research makes a strong casefor including fiber in the diet. Strenuous exercises:When pushing your body to the limit through exercise or other physical activity, yourbody converts creatine to creatinine, increasing its levels in the blood. It is recommended to not over-train to remainin optimal shape.

Chamomile Tea:A study found decreased creatinine levels in study participants who drank chamomiletea. Plus, this herb will work as a mild sedativeand induce relaxation. Put two or three teaspoons of dried chamomileflowers in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for three to five minutes. Drink a few cups of chamomile tea daily. Corn Silk:The anti-inflammatory and natural diuretic properties from corn silk are excellent atincreasing the output of urination, thus supporting the removal of excessive creatinine.

Furthermore, it will also help you alleviateedema and decrease the high blood pressure. Barley Water:This is a natural kidney cleanser and also works as a mild diuretic. To use this method, boil one cup of barleyin 4 cups of water for 30 minutes. Strain and allow cooling until it is justwarm. Drink this water each day.

Nettle leaf:Nettle leaf tea is a simple yet powerful kidney tonic that can improve kidney function andreduce serum creatinine levels. Nettles contain histamines and flavonoids,which can help to increase the blood flow to your kidneys, thus increasing urine filtration.

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