How to Delete your Pinterest Account Permanently?

Pinterest, like many other social networking platforms, is sometimes seen as a threat to personal privacy. So, for people who are getting cautious over privacy concerns, this article is being written for them. But before moving forward, we would like to mention what Pinterest is and why one needs to delete a Pinterest account.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an internet-based life webpage dedicated to acquainting clients with collections of pictures, called “pins,” that help them gain imaginative thoughts. People make an account on Pinterest to adapt new plans, find novel inside structure thoughts, or simply find another exciting place to visit. Pinterest has more than 100 million users, 85% of whom are female.

Reasons for Deleting a Pinterest Account:

  • The data you upload to web-based social networking is not retrievable, so think before you upload anything. Images presented on Pinterest may reveal insights about your life, including where you live or what you like.
  • Regardless of your protection settings, there are still security concerns “off-camera” as Pinterest might be accumulating information on clients.
  • Frequently, there is metadata related to images you upload on the platform, which includes uncovering intricacies such as the photograph’s location, time, and date.
  • The web-based life applications interface with various applications, and that information sharing may happen crosswise over different projects.

What will you lose by erasing your Pinterest Account permanently?

Once deleted permanently, your Pinterest account will never again exist, and other individuals won’t be able to access your profile anymore. So we would advise you to reconsider your option. You can also disable/deactivate your Pinterest account temporarily and may access it after a period of time. Therefore, first, I am going to tell you how to deactivate your Pinterest account temporarily?

How to Deactivate your Pinterest account temporarily?

You can deactivate your account to take a rest from Pinterest. When you disable your Pinterest account, other users won’t be able to access it. And if you reconsider your decision, just log in to reactivate your Pinterest account.

You can deactivate your account by visiting your Pinterest settings. But before moving forward, keep in mind that disabling your account will not free up the username or email address.

Follow these steps to deactivate your Pinterest account temporarily:

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