Hornsat Sport TV Biss Key and Frequency on NSS 2021

HornSat Sport TV HD Channel New Biss Key and Frequency on NSS 12 at 57.0°East Today Latest Transponder 100% Good Working Feed Update Here New TP 2021

Horn Cable Television has a staff of around 90 ground reporters, who are stationed throughout the Horn of Africa region and nearby areas. Around 60 journalists are based at the station’s headquarters, with an additional personnel of 7 in Mogadishu. HCTV’s programming covers a wide range of genres. Among these are news and current affairs, business, politics, drama, music and religious programs.
HornSat Sport TV New Frequency on NSS 12 at 57.0°East Working TP 2021
Channel Name HornSat Sport TV
Satellite NSS 12 at 57.0°East
Frequency 10985 H 45000 3/4
Update Today February 26/02/2021
What is Hornsat Sport TV biss key code?
Horn Cable TV broadcasts around-the-clock across Somaliland and Somalia. Through satellite, its transmissions also reach other parts of the continent, Europe, Asia, and areas in Australia. The station is also available as a live webstream.
Mohamoud Sheikh Dalmar serves as a radio and television producer for the channel. Additionally, Hamdi Hussein is the Director of its Mogadishu branch.
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