Homemade Hibiscus Shampoo To Grow Hair Faster & Thicker

hi friends welcome to my channel today i m sharing how to make DIY hibiscus shampoo hibiscus flower and its leaves are good for hair it makes hair strong,black,long and also helps in hair fall issue this shampoo is 100% natural so watch this video till the end let start take a pan and add 1/4 cup soap nut ( reetha) you can crush it or can

also use its powder up to you add 1/4 cup Acacia concinna (shikakai) now add 1 cup hibiscus flower to make this shampoo you need fresh flower but you can make using some dry flower leaves as well and you will find buying link in description box add lemon peel you can add more too it add 1 tbsp amla powder you can make use of dry or fresh amla as well now add 1 tbsp hibiscus flower powder i already have this that why i am adding y add few hibiscus plant leaves

i have a plant that why i am adding you can totally skip it after adding all the dry ingredients finally add 3 glass of normal water mix well now boil this and cook for at least 15 minutes on slow flame so that everything get mixed and we get foaming shampoo and all the benefits after 15 to 20 minutes its cool now beautiful red dark natural color and now strain it after straining you get clean shampoo and easy to use see after mixing with spoon it already foaming and

it will definitely gives foam and remove oil from hair to store this take any old bottle and make sure to use this kind of bottle with cap for easy use you can store for about 1 week in refrigerator diy hibiscus shampoo is ready and see how beautiful color and give good foam as well and remove oil as well try this once you will definitely love this so friends try this homemade diy hibiscus shampoo because it is very simple and effective and natural remedy hope you like this today remedy

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