Gazi TV Biss Key And Frequency Apstar 7 2021

Gazi TV  officially known as GTV is a Bangladeshi entertainment channel. It broadcasts different programs such as news, movies, dramas, talk shows, sports like cricket and more.

The GTV studio is located in Segun Bagicha in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The channel started to broadcast in Bangladesh on 12 June 2012

Later on, it achieved rights from BCB to broadcast BPL which became the reason of its exposure worldwide.
It is famous worldwide for streaming sports like cricket and football matches.

Gazi TV Frequency

Gazi TV is broadcasted on Apstar 76.5E. The table below will help you to tune in Gazi TV and watch it easily.

Channel Gazi TV
Language Bengali
Transponder 3805 H 4800
Frequency 3805
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 4800
FEC 2/3
Encryption Clear
Standard/Format DVB-S2

Gazi TV Biss Key

Gazi TV is currently free but some time it shifts to Biss key. For your ease, I have written it down.

Gazi TV Biss Key 49 97 08 E8 D8 25 5B A7

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