EutelSat-21B @21.6°E New Frequency 2021

which provides a foothold for multinational corporations in the Arab market. MBC has also provided some support to social causes, including telethons in the 1990s for the people of Bosnia and Palestine.MBC was the first broadcaster to provide a satellite-based free-to-air 24-hour television network across the Arab world. It has remained

EutelSat-21B @21.6°E New Frequency 2021

privately owned, managed by a group of businessmen and shareholders, including chairman and CEO Sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim. The shareholder list has never been verified although an American academic states that it is owned by members of the Saudi royal family and cablegate leaks revealed the US Ambassador had been told that MBC is owned by Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, the chairman of the channel and brother-in-law of the late King Fahd, half of the profits go to King Fahd’s son, Abdulaziz bin Fahd.

EutelSat-21B @21.6°E
FREQ : 11558 V 5000
ID : MBC Test 1
ID : MBC Test 2
Biss Key : 12 AB 34 F1 CD 56 EF 12

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