5 Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes!

I used to hate salads, but as I have healed myrelationship with food, I have found that Iactually really enjoy them, and I have startedmaking my own dressings, which, in my opinion, really make or break a salad.

The only problem is that dressings often contain acidic foods that put our teeth at riskfor enamel loss and erosion. This video was sponsored Pronamel, so today I’ll be addressingenamel loss with acidic foods, along with these homemade dressing recipes that are great to helpyou enjoy salad more. First up, a citrus sesame ginger dressing. All you do is whisk togetherextra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, rice vinegar, orange juice, soy sauce, honey, freshly grated ginger, and minced garlic.

Homemade dressingsrequire very little work and are far less processedthan store-bought and usually lower in sodium. I don’t add salt becauseof the soy sauce here. This Asian-inspired dressing is so tasty. It’s savory and slightly sweet and has a kick from that ginger and is very balanced. In addition to salads, it’s a great meat marinade or awesome with slawsor cold noodle salads. Now this dressing is certainly a wholesome and, of course, delicious choice, but vinegar and orange juiceare high-acidity foods.

It doesn’t mean that they’re not healthy or that you shouldn’t consume them, but since acidic foods pullminerals out of your enamel, we wanna make sure thatwe are replenishing, and brushing with Pronamel will help to put those minerals back. Okay, next up, this is apantry staple for sure, an herby Italian dressing.

It’s a mix of extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, again, highly acidic, grated Parmesan, fresh parsley, basil, and oregano forthat herby goodness, fresh garlic, onion powder, lime juice, remember, citrusis also highly acidic, and salt and pepper. Whisk it up, and makesure to season to taste. Dressings are a great opportunity to get in extra virgin olive oil. So I have told youbefore that extra virgin provides so many healthyfats and antioxidants, but it has a low smoke point, so I do not cook with it over high heat. Instead, I use it in dressings.

And really you can enjoy thetaste more that way, anyway. This vinaigrette is so versatile, the fresh herbs arereally what make it shine and stand apart from astore-bought version. This dressing is great with salads, but I also love to drizzle it over roasted vegetables and pasta salads, and it’s a great marinade, especially for grilled food. The next one might be my current favorite. I am on a kick with thiswhite cheddar dressing.

It’s sour cream or Greek yogurt, mayo of choice, or youcould use more sour cream, extra virgin olive oil, grated white cheddar cheese, Parmesan, lemon juice, water or milk as needed, yellow mustard, garlic,onion, and salt and pepper. It gets blended untilsuper smooth and creamy. I think it makes a huge difference to get this one emulsified versus just whisking it together and leaving clumps of cheese. It’s so creamy, and thisis pretty much the way I get in my greens every single day. Just a little bit of arugula or your favorite greens with this, and it’s literally a delicious side dish. It’s cheesy, creamy, salty, tasty, and oh so satisfying.

It’s not vinegar-based but we do have some acidicfoods to be aware of. The lemon juice, ofcourse, is highly acidic. Cheese and dairy milk,however, are low acidity. And it’s good to note that pairing foods withacid-neutralizing options can help counteract the effectsof the high acidity foods. Calcium is one mineral that can neutralize and promote remineralizationin tooth enamel. Remember, it’s not just the dressing, it’s anything that youput into the salad, too. So tomatoes, for instance,are medium acidity, and we’ve mentioned citrus is high. Also dried fruits and berries, which are often in salads, are common higher acidicfoods to watch out for. Speaking of berries, my delicious berry poppyseed dressing is next.

This one gets blended, too. I used strawberries, but I’ve also used raspberries or a mix before, use your favorite, along with extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and white vinegar, honey, onion powder,Dijon mustard, and salt get processed together. And then I stir in some poppy seeds. I love the color of this one. It is great if you wanna serve a dish that makes a statement. But really, the flavorfrom the fresh berries is what sets it apart froma store-bought dressing. That being said, berries are acidic, but, you know, they’re also super healthy. I can’t reiterate it enough.

The point is not to avoid these foods, but to be aware of their acidity so that you can protectyourself from tooth erosion, which can cause tooth sensitivity and that yellowish discoloration, so Pronamel is key. Okay, I have got one more dressing, it is a lemon tahini dressing, and this is probablymy long-term favorite. First I whisk honey into some really hotwater until integrated. Then I add in tahini, lemon juice, avocado oil, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and pepper. It seems like it won’tcome together at first, but just keep whisking, and it smooths out tobecome really creamy.

It is so good. I love it on salad, but I also love it overhot or cold rice dishes, and even as a dipping sauce, because it really doesthicken up quite nicely. I actually found out about this dressing at my first meditation retreat. It was served at the salad bar, and I begged for the recipe, and since then, I have modified it to make it work for me at home. It is delicious. So those are some homemade dressings. I want you to keep living your best life regarding healthy foodsthat might be acidic, just protect your teeth.

If you don’t know, tooth enamel is that visible, outermost covering of our teeth, and it’s there to protect theinner layers of our teeth, and it’s also the keyto having white teeth. So if that enamel layer wears away, then it exposes the innerlayer, which is yellower, and that erosion can alsolead to tooth sensitivity, which is, in my opinion,much worse than yellow teeth. So to protect your enamelfor strong, healthy teeth, you can brush with Pronamel products. Fresh Breath is my go-to, but they also have a few others that intentionally whiten and protect.

But also be sure to floss regularly, use straws for acidic beverages, drink water with meals, and this is really, really important, don’t brush your teeth right away. Try to wait at least an hour or so after eating acidic foodsbefore brushing your teeth, because your saliva does need time to wash away the acids andreharden that enamel first. Okay, so let me know what else you do to protect your teethin the comments below. Thank you for being here. I am wishing you allhealth, delicious food, and strong teeth. I so appreciate this community and how much you all love to learn and take responsibility for your health. I will see you next week for our brand new episode, and remember, it’s all the matter of mind over munch.

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